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Start your Entrepreneurial Journey & Sustain It Jaipur | Event in Jaipur | Townscript

Start your Entrepreneurial Journey & Sustain It Jaipur

May 03 | 09:00 AM (IST)
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Dear Entrepreneurship Patron,

Entrepreneurship Development programs as per details shared are organized with an objective to develop 'Entrepreneurial Mindset' among participants. This session is about working with ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ and ‘to develop Successful Businesses’ as an employee or business owner.

During the session you get a chance to learn an approach to start your 'Entrepreneurial Journey'continue it and develop sustainable businesses by understanding why 70-90% of start-ups/new businesses are failed or established businesses may not sustain and how failures can be avoided.

The program is designed for Corporate Executives, Working Professionals, Students, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Start-up Enthusiasts, Corporate HR, Universities/Colleges Management & HR/Entrepreneurship Cells/Placement Offices, Small & Medium Business Owners,  Entrepreneurs & Dreamers. The program is to be utilized as an opportunity to gain immediately:

  • Students:                          

aspiring to start your own business or already running a Start-up.

  • Corporate Executives/Working professionals:       

in a job looking for career growth towards leadership & entrepreneurship or aspiring to start own business.

  • Business Owners/ 
  • Start-up Owners/
  • SME Business Owners:

looking for Sustaining and scaling-up, Business Owners looking to take on challenges.

  • Corporate HR:                         

develop the talent pool with Entrepreneurial Mindset to bring Personal & Organizational Well Being and transform an organization into an active, dynamic, agile & responsive one; put it on path of highest possible Business Growth while gaining individual creativity, happiness and enriched lives at employee level.

  • Universities/Colleges Management & HR/


Placement Offices:                 

Students can be invited to enhance awareness about Entrepreneurship as a Career option (in addition to placement options), how to work on it, come forward & take advantage of incubators/E-Cells and E-Cells members to stay successful in business chosen.

The session supports both Placement & Entrepreneurship cells and can be used by both cells/leadership team to provide the best services to students.

Staff & Alumni Students can be invited to join the session for further enhancement in their areas.


Entrepreneurial Journey refers to display of ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ and Leadership qualities in their career irrespective of the business ownership. Corporate HR and Universities Management can use these programs to enhance the Entrepreneurial qualities among their employees.

Kindly share the details within your organization/ with your associates to take advantage of the available knowledge resource created from years of industry experience on the subject.

Best Regards,

Entrepreneurship at its Peak team


* Want to Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey?

* Want to move out of Business Challenges?

* Want Your Business to run for Generations?

* Want Your Small Business to take next level of

  Growth and Become a Large Business?

* Want to develop Entrepreneurial Spirit and progress

   into your career?

* Want Your Career to Progress towards Leadership

   and Entrepreneurship?

You may like to join for this session if answer to any of above question is Yes, to start your entrepreneurial journey and take it forward.

Insightful Learnings on Entrepreneurship, Business Modeling, Business Planning, Costing & Pricing

9:00 to 9:30 am: Registration

9:30 to 11:00 am: Starting your Entrepreneurial Journey

11:00 to 11:30 am: Tea/Coffee Break

11:30 am to 1:00 pm: Sustaining your Entrepreneurial Journey, Q&A Session


Suitable for: Students, Corporate HR, Corporate Executives, Working Professionals, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Universities/Colleges HR, Placement & E-Cells, Start-up Enthusiasts, Small & Medium Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Dreamers

Program Conducted by: Entrepreneurship Mentor & Speaker with 22 years of International Industry experience. A humanitarian, believer of creating beautiful human life experience and uplifting humanity with mindful use of Earth Resources, supporter of providing the Earth Resources to maximum inhabitants to enrich life.


Special discount of '10% for 5 or more' registration,  '25% for 50 or more' and '50% for 100 or more' registrations as a group.

(Please be a part of spreading 'Entrepreneurship' on the planet by joining the session with your associates, part of the money from the session goes towards further spread of 'Entrepreneurship' on the planet. Kindly note event venue and dates are subject to change as per organization requirement.)


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