RideAsia An International Exhibition on Bicycles, E-Vehicles, Sports & Fitness, Toys | Event in New Delhi | Townscript
RideAsia An International Exhibition on Bicycles, E-Vehicles, Sports & Fitness, Toys | Event in New Delhi | Townscript

RideAsia An International Exhibition on Bicycles, E-Vehicles, Sports & Fitness, Toys

Mar 19 - 21 | 09:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

RideAsia 2021
Category – Bicycle, Electric-Vehicles, Sports Fitness & Ride-Ons
Date : 19-20-21 March 2021
Location : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Contact : 9592083322 (Mr Rakesh)
Email Id - info@rideasia.in
WEB : www.rideasia.in
RideAsia-2021 will be a B2B event for attracting dealers, distributors, importers and entrepreneurs who are looking new business opportunities in E – Vehicles, E – Bikes, Cycles, Sports and Fitness industry. It will also be open to B2C segment to increase awareness about Electric Vehicles Cycling, Fitness, Outdoor Sports, Cycling and provide knowledge about latest products and services. As technologies are upgrading fast and in order to compete in the international market RideAsia has taken one step ahead by allowing exhibitors to gauge reactions to new products and take consumer feedback. RideAsia is being organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 19-20-21 March 2021
RideAsia is a flagship event for Indian and International industry for E – Vehicle, E – Bike, Cycle, Sports and Fitness equipment manufacturers. This mega event attracts visitors from wide spectrum of manufacturing and ancillary industries including key decision and policy makers as well as industry captains who are keen to source latest technologies and manufacturing solutions for their products. We would like to welcome E – Vehicle, E – Bike, Bike, Bicycle, Bicycle Parts, and Fitness Equipment & Outdoor Sports Fraternity from all over the world. It has always been our endeavor to bring the entire E – Vehicle, E – Bike, Cycle, Sports and Fitness equipment manufacturing community and dealers at same platform.
3 day expo on Bicycles, E-Vehicles, Sports & Fitness, Toys.
World Renowned Exhibition Centre- PRAGATI MAIDAN, NEW DELHI
Efficient Networking
Face to face interaction between the Buyers and Sellers.
On spot business generation
Best platform for new product launches
Visitor base form All India Level
Interaction with senior industry executives.
Best Event Hosting Venue
Delhi is a hub of top notching cycle, e-vehicle, sports and fitness companies.
Best connectivity overall the world
Best infrastructure facilities
Active government participation and support.
All business Facilities available
Serves as Economic hub of India
Best acknowledged as the Industrial hub of India
Electric Bicycle
Bicycle Parts
Bicycle Safety Gears & Guards
Bicycle Accessories
Folding Bicycle
Cycle Rickshaw
Tyre and Tube
Air Pumps
Air Filling Station
Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Manufacturers
Electric Vehicle parts and component
Battery and Solar Panel Manufacturing companies
Government sector and Departments
Testing Agencies
Body/ Chassis Fabricators
Branding Service Providers
Charging Station
Charging Technologies
R & D Agencies
Sports Equipment
Fitness and Gym Machinery and Equipment
Sports Accessories
Fitness Machinery Accessories
Sports Wear
Protective Guards and Gears
Artificial Play grounds and Courts
Dietary Supplements
Artificial Grass, Mats
Health Drinks
Sports Gadgets
Nets and Poles
Aerobic Equipment
Soft Toys
Dolls and Role-plays
Educational Toys and Games, Learning and Experiment
Technical and Action Toys
Electronic Games, Multimedia
Games, Puzzles, Cards, Children’s Books and Music
Creative Design
School Articles, Stationery
Handicrafts, Gifts and Souvenir Articles
Wooden Toys
Baby and Infant Articles
Party and Festive Articles, Costumes
License Products
Model Construction, Hobbies
Model Railways and Acccessories
Sports, Leisure, Outdoor
Playground Equipment
Testing & Inspecting Institutes and Certification Services
All India Cycle, E - Vehicles, E - Bikes, Bikes, Fitness and Sports dealers, Traders
All India Health Clubs
Government Authorities
Hotel Industry
Online Shopping Portals
Gym and Aerobics & Yoga Centers
Sports Associations
Physiotherapy Centers
Multipurpose Club Houses
Dieticians and Nutritionists
Consultants and Professionals
Managers/Administrators of Public Sports Facilities
Contact : 9592083322 (Mr Rakesh)
Email Id - info@rideasia.in
WEB : www.rideasia.in
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