QA Detective Conf 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript
QA Detective Conf 2021 | Event in NA | Townscript

QA Detective Conf 2021

Nov 20 - 21 | 12:30 PM (IST)

Event Information

What is the event about?

Welcome to QA TechTalks. Our team has come up with a plan and organizing an exciting conference schedule full of engaging presentations, talks, speeches, networking, and fun events. Explore our website for all the information that you need, and book your ticket today!

Are you curious to know how our QA Detectives test? "QA Detective Conf 2021" is for everyone who wants to learn from our Detectives - How they Test and investigate the project requirements and solve the critical issues.

Defect Detective 
Preventive & Detective Controls/Process
Process & Product Oriented results.

"QA Detective Conf 2021" is about How to test, Why to test, What to test & When to test. Every tester/automation engineer while testing should feel like a detective and investigate the requirements & inspect the bugs. QA role is not about finding bugs but investigate and inspect as well. "QA Detective Conf 2021" is more about that.

The Global Conference will kick off with esteemed speakers and audience on Nov 20th' 2021. The event is a virtual conference with a difference, brought to you by QA TechTalks. The virtual program will bring together keynote speakers, industry champions, community leaders, QA Leads, and Managers over the course of the day, to inspire and educate you, the builders of tomorrow.

Who is this event for?

This event is for anyone ranging from beginners to experienced testers. It includes the QA Architect, Automation Engineer, QA Consultant, QA Manager, Software Test Engineer, Technical Test Lead, Manual QA Engineer, Director of QA, Technical Test Engineer, and Testing Coach among many others involved in the testing community.

➔ "QA Detective Conf 2021" will bring together hundreds of experienced like-minded people, who endeavor to improve their talents to match new market requirements and stay harmonized with the latest trends!

The global summit will provide an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends, exchange experiences, discuss and deliberate ideas and benefit from networking opportunities.

Why attend?

Gain insight through quality sessions with top specialists in the software testing and quality assurance profession, tickets are nominal prices and from the comfort of your home. All sessions will be recorded and available to watch at a later date for registered members!

When will the event be held?
This event will be a two-day premiere, planning to be set fire on the 20th Nov - 21st Nov 2021. The entire event will be online so anyone with a decent internet connection will be able to attend the event.

Bottom Line:
We are hoping to see everyone participate and be a part of this amazing talk and also contribute to the global QA community. See you at the event and hope you make it a big success.

Thank you!

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