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Feb 08 - 09 | 09:00 AM (IST)
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Come to Bangalore for 2-days of Professional Scrum + UX taught by Erik Weber, Professional Scrum Trainer, and executive coach.

Co-hosted by Flowsphere India Pvt Ltd and Agile For Growth.

Course Description:

This is a 2-day, fast-paced hands-on workshop for people who know something about Scrum, and want to understand how to integrate modern UX practices.

Design work sometimes feels slow, and not well suited to quick agile cadences and Scrum events. Learn UX techniques that fit beautifully into Scrum, and practice these techniques with a crossfunctional team in class.

For people who know UX, you’ll learn how to work more effectively inside Scrum, managing your work in Sprints and visualizing it in the Product Backlog. Sometimes, working in agile contexts feels painful: it can feel technology or process-centric, not user-centric. Learn how to lead your cross-functional team in discovery work and align your team’s work around learning and delivering value to your users. 

If you’re a Scrum Master or Product Owner: you already know the power of self-organizing cross-functional teams. Come see how to integrate the UX specialty into that mix. Help your Dev team learn about the customer, plan learning/discovery/design work, and still deliver Done Product each Sprint.

For everyone who works on a product team (engineers, product managers, etc): technology teams work better when they’re collaborating across disciplines and specialties. But different priorities, types of work, and the specific working rhythms of each discipline can create silos on teams and inside organizations. Learn how to use the Scrum framework and UX techniques to align your team, focus on value, and foster collaboration.

What You Will Learn
  • Students will learn some lean UX techniques as described in the book, Lean UX, and how to work most effectively with Scrum Teams. 
  • In addition, you will learn practical tools and practices to best work with customers and their feedback to deliver higher value in the customer's eyes with Scrum Teams while maintaining Scrum practice intact. 
  • How do you reconcile UX work with Scrum essentials like the definition of done, backlog ordering and delivering done increments every sprint
  • Design work often extends beyond one sprint, you will learn how to handle this type of work in Scrum
  • Who does the UX work? Just designers? Someone else?
  • What is dual-track agile and how does it work in practice?
Created in Partnership with the Authors of Lean UX
Scrum.org and our Professional Scrum Trainers have worked with Jeff Gothelf and Joshua Seiden the authors of the book Lean UX in the creation of this course, leveraging their expertise and knowledge. 

Professional Scrum with User Experience Certification
All participants completing the Professional Scrum with User Experience course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Scrum with User Experience I (PSU I) certification assessment. PSU class participants who attempt the PSU I assessment within 14 days of the class and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

Know Your Trainer
Erik's Bio

Erik is passionate about agility and helping companies across industries make the transition from traditional project management/development to agile. Erik is an agile coach, management consultant, scrum trainer and public speaker. Over the years, Erik have honed his approach to suit the challenges of large cross-functional organizations. He now split his time coaching executives, managers, and other departments in the organization (finance, HR, and marketing folks love agile teams!), as well as building up Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches internally.
Erik is one of the few global Professional Scrum Trainer's with Scrum.org, and certified to teach the Foundations, Product Owner, and Scrum Master classes. He bring expertise to organizations through teaching and mentoring as well as serving as an agile coach and facilitator for teams and executives.


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