OFF BEAT Festival / Varkala / #3 | Event in Varkala | Townscript
OFF BEAT Festival / Varkala / #3 | Event in Varkala | Townscript

OFF BEAT Festival / Varkala / #3

Jan 25 - 26 '20 | 03:30 PM (IST)

Event Information

Is a new year and we decide to make some change ! 

A new venue is ready for Off Beat Festival.

We will be at Thiruvambadi, a area with multifunctional spaces and a beautiful park with green grass surrounded by coconut trees thats is looking to the Arabian Sea.

Perfect spot, where all our word will find is space !

From early afternoon till late night , workshops , flea market , yoga classes, street food stall, exhibition and live artist performance will go along the music of Dj and lives band.

On the main stage onside of our Djs, we are happy to bring back to Varkala the OORALI

 a band that is always been present at off beat festival during this 4 years and we can’t stop calling here.

Their show is a ”must see” live act, a creative mix of music, theatre, visuals, art and song. 

They sing in Spanish, Malayalam and English. 

The rhythm section belongs to the world. 

The cajon and wombo drum thumps out the essence of Latin America, the Djembe resonates with the vibrations of Africa, the darbouka rings out the winds of the Mediterranean deserts. 

Thoughtful lyrics are supported with bass and guitar, and the vocals are sung out with a complete sense of pride and passion.


Opening - 3:30 pm


5.00pm | Kalaripayattu Workshop

The oldest known Eastern martial Art

6.00pm | Ecstatic Dance with Anouchka

Free-form dance journey with world music, in a judgement-free space !

Taking its roots and inspiration in different African rythms and world music; this dance gathering is an invitation to dance, connect, uplift our mood and charge ourselves with joy and good vibrations !

Ecstatic dance empowers people to abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, without following any specific steps. Its’ an invitation to connect to others as much as to our body and own emotions. It helps to release tensions, free the mind and body, raise our energy level and have fun !


4.30pm | Yoga Classes & Meditation

With Third Eye school of Yoga 

Ramesh and Stephen from India and UK offering Hatha Yoga and Pranayama leading into various meditation techniques beginning with Chanting/Oming meditation to bring stillness...


- Disco Patrol - Djset | 4pm

Downtempo, Funk

- Sarka Elias (UK) - Live | 5.30 pm

World Music 

- KeraRadio (Ita) - Djset | 6.30 pm

Tropical, Disco, Electronic

- OORALI - Live | 9pm 

Reggae, Folk, Latin

- DjKhan - Djset | 23.00 pm

Dub, DanceHall, Jungle


_ Shiju Basheer , Unscipted Lives // Photo Exhibition

_ Bebeto J // Live painting 



Zostel road, North Cliff, Varkala

• Ticket • 450rs online / 500rs at the door ( included all the activity and shows of the festival )



* Ticket Partner : Townscript //

* Media partner : What's around Thiruvananthapuram

* Yoga arts Partner : 3rd eye yoga school


Zostel, North cliff, Varkala, India
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Off Beat Varkala
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Alternative Festival based on Music. Art. Yoga. a celebration of creativity, experimentation and not-Mainstream. A yearly festival divide in 4 dates between November and February that take place on the beautiful area of Varkala (Kerala, India)
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