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Management 3.0 Workshop Bengaluru Mar 07-08 | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript

Management 3.0 Workshop Bengaluru Mar 07-08

Mar 07 - 08 | 09:00 AM (IST)
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About Management 3.0 Workshop

Based on Jurgen Appelo’s best-selling book, the Agile Management 3.0 training course was given in more than 15 countries and this event is being organized by Delight Learning Services and Consultancy in India.

Agile Management 3.0 started out as a book of the same name written by leadership guru Jurgen Appelo back in 2010. Since then, Agile Management 3.0 has become a global management movement. 

What is a Agile Management 3.0 Workshop? 

Each Management 3.0 Workshop is targeted to one specific group of people: those focused on improving their approach to management. These are the people who recognize that there is not enough employee engagement and team collaboration in their organization. These are the people who won’t just complain, but are looking for proactive solutions to change management processes. 

There are people across organizations looking to answer: 

- How can we motivate our workers? 

- How can we change the organization’s culture?

- How can we change the mindset of managers?

- How can we get teams to take responsibility?

- How can we improve teamwork and team collaboration?

- How can we make managers to trust their teams?

- How can we develop people’s competencies?

- How can we be agile when the organization is not?

 Who should attend ?

Anyone who wants to be a better leader! We believe that management is not only the managers responsibility. It is everyone's job!

If you are a team leader, development manager, delivery manager, middle manager, CEO, human resources manager, project manager, product owner, agile developer, scrum master, or want to be a great people leader regardless of title, this workshop is for you!

Course Overview:

The Management 3.0 is a modern-day management course that lays down a road map for leading Agile teams in a changing world, and combines the fundamental principles of complexity thinking, Agile management, and Lean product delivery to inspire the managers of tomorrow’s world. New managers can learn about all the different project models and experienced managers can adapt their leadership styles to contemporary styles of management. This course is not just for leaders, though, as Management 3.0 practitioners feel that in order to make a change in the world, the role of management cannot be left to managers alone but has to be undertaken by all workers at every level.

Our experienced professional trainers have a love and passion for management, and deliver compelling workshops that can provide real-world insights into improving organizational management at all levels. By taking a fresh look at the underlying science behind complexity, learn how Agile methods have grown out of the growing need to manage challenging and unpredictable circumstances. Gain knowledge on diverse team management practices that are based on scientific research, and learn to apply management theories in your situational context in the real world.

Our Management Training Courses give you the knowledge required to become an effective manager in today’s complex corporate world, and help create success in the face of rapidly evolving global market conditions. Learn to think differently, and expand your options as a manager to work more effectively and transform your workplace!

Workshop Agenda:

Day 1

  • Agile management
  • Complexity thinking
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Self-organization

Day 2

  • Goal setting
  • Competence development
  • Organizational structures
  • Change management


From the Course :

  • Understand Agile methodology, popular practices and challenges
  • Learn complexity theory
  • Learn the theory and practice of diverse management principles with a scientific background
  • Understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and how to inspire people
  • Learn how to make self organization work, and how to grow trust in relationships
  • Setting goals and definitions of purpose
  • Seven approaches to development of competence
  • Learn theories of organizational structure
  • Change management and how to address challenges caused by change

From the Workshop :

  • 2 days Classroom Interactive Learning by Experienced Trainer
  • Games and exercises to reinforce learning
  • Candidates will be provided Certificate of Attendance signed from Jurgen Appelo

Timings: 9.00AM to 6.00PM 

For any queries, feel free to contact us at :

+91 9908496350, +91 9611922110

Or write to info@delightlearning.com



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