LUCKNOW RIDE 2021 | Event in Lucknow | Townscript
LUCKNOW RIDE 2021 | Event in Lucknow | Townscript


Apr 04 | 04:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

Be ready...

Lucknow Run team is coming up with new challenge for all the cyclists and cycling lovers.
Lucknow Ride with 100KM, 50KM, 20KM
On 4th April 2021
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Early Bird Discount :- For 100 Riders 15 days  20 % Discount (17th Feb to 4th March )
Ride Details :- 
 100 km(Destination Ride) - The Centrum to Chandrika Devi Temple take u Turn come back from same Route .
 50   km  -  The Centrum to Sitapur Road 
 20   km  - The Centrum to within Ansal API
Start/finish - The Centrum Ansal ApI Golf City Shaheed Path Road Lucknow .



Lucknow Ride
Waiver and Release from Liability
In consideration of my registration and for permitting me to participate in this event, I hereby take accountability for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors and assigns as follows:

1. I certify that I am physically fit, have trained sufficiently for participation in this event and have not been advised against participating by a qualified medical person.
2. I agree to give all other vehicles the right of way and conduct myself in a safe manner. I understand that the use of a hard-shell riding helmet is required for this event. As the event may require riding in low-visibility conditions (such as darkness, fog, rain, tunnels etc), I will at all times be equipped with and deploy a strong front light, red rear lights (with spare bulbs and batteries for both) and reflective vest / bandolier. I understand that portions of the route are along busy roads / highways, and I will obey all safety regulations for bicycles travelling on busy roadways, and will be governed by all the local laws, including traffic laws.
3. I agree that it is my sole responsibility to be familiar with the route for this event. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the event that may be beyond the immediate control of the event organizers, officials and volunteers. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the entities or persons from Lucknow Ride Organizers, its constituents, and its assigned associates from any and all claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of any of my actions during this event.
4. I understand that only basic first aid may be available to participants on the event route, provided the official vehicle is close at hand. Should I require additional medical attention, I hereby consent to receive such medical treatment which may be deemed advisable during the event, and understand that I am solely responsible for all costs and consequences relating to medical administration, evacuation and transportation.
5. I agree that my registration fee is non-refundable. I understand that the event could be cancelled due to weather or other causes or rescheduled at the discretion of the event organizers. I accept that the route may be changed due to circumstances beyond the event organizers’ control.
6. I fully acknowledge that cycling is a hazardous activity and that this event carries with it the potential for death, serious injury and property damage and property loss. I hereby assume all the risks of participating in this event, regardless of their cause. I waive, release and forever discharge Lucknow Ride Organizers, its constituents and its assigned associates from any and all liability for my death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property the or any actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me from this event.
7. I will permit free use of my name and pictures from the event in social media, media broadcasts, print and television etc. This waiver and release of liability shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. I hereby certify that I have read this document and understand its contents.
8. I agree and accept to follow all rules, guidelines and regulations set by the organizers' accept to ride responsibly and will treat my fellow riders and organizers with dignity and respect.
9. I am aware that if I am not able to follow rules & guidelines set by the organizers, my ride shall be considered DNF (Did Not Finish).

I agree to all the above-mentioned terms.

More information visit :
call @ 9984444026 ( 10 am to 5 pm )


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