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GTD Fundamentals Workshop - Mumbai | Event in Mumbai | Townscript

GTD Fundamentals Workshop - Mumbai

Dec 09 '17 | 09:00 AM (IST)
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Boost Your Productivity in your Personal & Professional Life.

with Getting Things Done, the acclaimed workshop for stress-free productivity

Who is GTD for?

People from different backgrounds looking to up their game and move to the next level, can benefit from GTD

Business Owners

You need control over your day to day activities as well as the perspective to know the direction to move towards. GTD will give you the techniques to achieve both, so that you can grow your Business.


No one has a greater need for work-life balance. GTD will help you clear your mind, so when you’re at a soccer game you can cheer your kids instead of watching your phone! 


Too many meetings? Too many interruptions? Too many mails? With GTD, you can thrive in the busiest and most demanding of environments by honoring your commitments. And relax when you choose to! 

Creative Artists

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. GTD will show you how to get the mundane stuff out of the way and give your creativity laser focus. 

Here's how GTD can improve your life

GTD has helped some of the most talented and brightest people around the world be more effective & creative.

   Sharpen your Focus
   Know how to manage projects
   Prioritize what matters the most

  Gives space for you to Relax

  Distraction free mind for creativity
  Make Progress without stress
  Break free from procrastination
  Get long term perspective

What makes GTD different from other time management techniques?

David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, has proposed a fundamentally different approach. David argues that what is required is not elusive time management but really self management–what we do with ourselves in any situation or context, time being just one variable. It involves dealing effectively with all of the things we have to do and want to do, both personally and professionally.

GTD is about capturing things we collect and create, deciding what (if anything) we want to do about them, organising the results of that knowledge work into a trusted system we can review appropriately and making intuitive strategic and tactical choices about what to do at any point in time from our options. In this way, GTD provides a comprehensive approach for increasing productivity while decreasing stress.

How is attending a seminar better than just reading the book?

Reading the book will definitely help you get started. In fact, many people who come to the seminar have already read the book (though it is not required). While the book is great from a knowledge perspective, the seminars help from a practical point of view. It is designed as a workshop where you actually start implementing GTD and get immediate feedback from the seminar leader and the many participants in the room, who coach one another on fundamental behaviours throughout the course.

It is the difference between knowing something and actually doing it correctly. You will also gain key best practices for implementing GTD, presented in a variety of formats to accommodate many different learning styles.


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