Dwijas - Sep 3 to 23 - International | Event in NA | Townscript
Dwijas - Sep 3 to 23 - International | Event in NA | Townscript

Dwijas - Sep 3 to 23 - International

Sep 03 - 23 | 03:30 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

A 21 Day live online session for aspiring Yogis - to explore all aspects of a Yogic lifestyle, based on guidelines by Sadhguru.

Dates: Sep 3 to 23,2020 (all 21 days need to be attended) 


3.30 AM to 4.30 AM IST

Platform - Live Online session on Zoom - login details will be sent upon registration

Eligibility - Should have done any Isha Yoga Program (even Isha Upa Yoga, IEO or Isha Kriya is fine)

Program includes-

1. Exploration of a Yogic lifestyle - we will be exploring all aspects of life right from how to wake up, how to take a bath, how to eat, how to drink, how to speak, what to wear, when to sleep, how to sleep etc so that every aspect of your life can be made as a device or tool for your ultimate well-being.
2. The objective of the program is to help people implement a yogic lifestyle and establish the same over a period of 21 days
3. This program is more suited for existing yoga practitioners who are looking to intensify their sadhana by aligning all aspects of their lifestyle. This can happen if common roadblocks like not being able to keep up sadhana, improper sleep and food timings etc can be cleared up - this is something that can happen over the course of the 21 day Program.
4. No new yogic practices will be taught during this program
5. Also this is not an in depth look at Yogic Diet - we will be exploring few aspects of yogic diet that can help with sadhana. For an in depth exploration about Yogic diet, recipes, cooking lessons etc you can check out the Aahar Online Program (www.aahar.yogire.com)
6. We will not be looking at any technical yoga practice related doubts (for example clarification about Yogasanas steps etc) or any practice corrections during this program - for these you can get in touch with your Isha Hatha yoga teacher and meet them offline. 
7. There will be scope for Q&A during the program where you can get your queries about implementing a yogic lifestyle answered by Mukul Anna
8. The program will be interspersed with Sadhguru's videos, articles, talks, discussions, daily implementation tasks etc
9. Please note that this program is implementation focused - so participants will need to put in consistent daily effort to implement whatever we explore. So please join only if you are willing to stretch yourselves and do whats required.
10. Our aim is that by the end of 21 days program, yoga should not just be about the 1 to 3 hours you spend doing your yogic practices but that yoga should be ON 24 hours of the day for you - every activity that you do can become a process for your well-being if you approach it that way.
11. We will be creating a Whatsapp group for all registered participants where participants can support each other and share their experiences over the course of the program. We will also be posting login details of the online session on zoom on the Whatsapp group.
12. Attendance is mandatory for all 21 days, this is like a continuous process - if you miss any of the days for whatever reasons,recording will not be available for the same. So please join only if you are willing to commit to attending all the 21 days without a break.
13. Program timings coincide with Brahma Muhurtham (for those based in India) so that it can assist you to make use of this time for your daily sadhana - for those joining from other regions of the world though the program timings may not coincide with Brahma Muhurtham in your region, you can still attend and try to implement the guidelines suggested during the program.
14. This being the first such program which is also experimental in some ways,the participants of this 1st batch also have the advantage of a much reduced program fee which may increase from the next batch to reflect the value being offered in the program.
There are 2 options for registering - you can either choose to attend this alone or can do so along with family (2 or more people). Please select the appropriate option while registering.

If any queries please contact us at +918217481232


This is an online event.
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