Dev kyara bugyal trek | Event in Dehradun | Townscript
Dev kyara bugyal trek | Event in Dehradun | Townscript

Dev kyara bugyal trek

May 02 - 08 | 06:00 AM (IST)

Event Information

DevKyara Trek
UTTARAKHAND • 7 DAYS, Trek Distance- 36 KM
Maximum Group Size-MAX 15, MAX ALTITUDE-3500 mts.
Brief Description
Dev Kyara is a high altitude meadow located in the Sankri range of Uttarakhand. Located parallel to the Har ki Dun Valley, Dev Kyara Trek takes you to the massive 4 km wide meadow of Dev Kyara at an altitude of 4100M nestled between the Rupin and Supin Valleys. Being an easy trek, the Dev Kyara Trek gives trekkers a chance to explore one of the most untouched and pristine trails in the Western Garhwal Himalayas with awe-inspiring views of Ranglana, Daowdu, Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, Kedar Dome and Swargarohini. This trek allows you to explore two pristine areas of the Garhwal Himalayas, namely the Obra Gad Valley and the Dev Kyara Bugyal while giving you glimpses of traditional Himalayan villages rich in culture. Taking you on a trail alongside the roaring Dibra Gad river, a tributary of Supin river, through dense pine and oak forests, the valley opens to mesmerizing views of the surrounding vistas with the trail laded with colorful flowers, wild mushrooms and wild strawberries. Camping at the Dev Kyara meadow at the foot of the majestic Rangnala Peak with delicious views of Daowdu, and several other unnamed peaks is a treat for trekkers. Considered as a good alternative to the relatively easier Har ki Dun, this trek must be in the bucket list of those who intend to explore something not tainted by crowds. This trek can be done in the pre-monsoon months of mid-May to June and the post-monsoon months from September to November, however, the monsoon months of July and August must be avoided.
Day 1: Arrive in Sankri
Arrive in Sankri. If you opt for transportation from us then we will board a vehicle from Dehradun ISBT to Sankri. The pick up point will be Dehradun ISBT. The total journey of 210 km between Dehradun and Sankri will be completed in 7-8 hours. Spend the night at a hotel/guesthouse in Sankri.

Day 2: Sankri to Boincha (3 hrs Drive). Boincha (6762 ft) to Obra (7641 ft) - 3.4 km, 3 hrs Trek
The very first day of the trek starts with a brief drive of merely 3 hours till you reach Boincha, which is the starting point of the trek. The ride takes you through pictersque villages of the Sankri. Boincha is a merging point of two rivers, Dibra River and Supin river. The trail is towards the right alongside the Dibra Gad river. This particular day will be very easy in terms of difficulty, it is always advisable to take it easy in the initial days, especially on day one. After a 30min trek, there will be a concrete bridge that takes you to the opposite side of the Dibra River. Once you cross the bridge there is a small section of steep ascent which merges with another trail. So after a while, you will be heading back to the main trail on the other side after crossing one more concrete bridge. From this point the trek is pretty basic, there is a gradual ascent to the campsite. There are some spots for you to sit and enjoy alongside the Dibra Gad river. The campsite is known as Obra Thatch which is an open field at the centre of the valley. There is also a small wooden temple of Obra Devi right next to one of the huts made by the villagers. So retire for the night in tents.

Day 3: Obra (7644 ft) to Bhawa Waterfall (11,234 ft) - 8.13 km, 7 hrs
This will be the longest day of the whole trek and also in terms of height gain. Once you leave the Obra campsite you will be entering a deep enchanting pine forest which is a continuous ascend. The ground level of the forest is covered with long grasses which makes it very engaging till the time you cross the forest section. As it’s a long day so break it up into two parts, the first part is basically before the lunch which doesn’t offer much change except there are some sections pine and maple trees. If you wish to do this trek in pre-monsoon then you will come across strawberry bushes. Following a steep ascend through boulders the trek changes altogether. The valley opens to a large open ground surrounded giant Mountains. At a distance, the snow-capped mountains start to show. You now enter the glorious campsite named as Bhawa waterfall, it is spectacular. It is a giant meadow right beside a waterfall which is cutting through a Mountain surface. While the other side of the valley is so pretty to look at, it is a forest filled with Birch trees. The sight which is a combination of birch trees and long glades of grass is mesmerising. Retire yourself for the night after a long exhausting day in this one amazing campsite.

Day 4: Bhawa Waterfall (11,234 ft) to Dev Kyara (13,451 ft) - 5 km, 5 hrs
Today's start from the early morning view to reaching Devkyara campsite, it is like a fairy-tale coming true. As the first rays of the Sun fall on the lush green fields of Bhawa, it will leave you awe-struck. Once you start your trek, the open valleys start unfolding the glorious lush green meadows in the center of the valley with massive mountains on either side shaped like a wall. One of the major highlights will be the number of waterfalls you will come across, not one or two, it is almost over twenty, not so small or not so big but it will keep coming till you reach the Devkyara campsite. The further you walk the more you get closer to Mt. Ranglana. The Dibra River at some sections kisses the exact trail you are walking on. If the season is right then you will be walking endless fields of flowers, some red, yellow and even blue. There is are a few sections with boulder crossing especially just before you reach Devkyara campsite. During pre Monsoon, there are good chances you will be walking on snow especially from April to May. Just after the boulder zone, there is a descending part which takes you to the Devkyara campsite. It is so massive that it doesn’t feel like you are inside a valley, so this is like a base camp to Ranglana peak. The presence of Ranglana peak gives the vibe of an alpine campsite, it means camping at very high altitude right next to snow-capped peaks which generally happens during a Mountaineering expedition. There are many more snow-capped peaks that are visible which is stunning. Explore the campsite and retire for the night.

Day 5: Explore Dev Kyara and back to Bhawa Waterfall Campsite (11,234 ft) - 5 km, 5 hrs Trek
Get up early for this day, so that you can trek further up to a point which takes around two hrs from the campsite, leave behind your bags because you will be coming back to proceed towards the previous campsite which is Bhawa waterfall. The trail ahead takes you to a big shade under a rock where it is said it can accommodate more than a hundred people easily. The word Dev Kyara means Settling point for God. After visiting this place come back to Devkyara campsite and continue your journey towards Bhawa waterfall campsite which will merely take around two hours. Bhawa waterfall is such a pretty campsite that another day camping is not bad at all. While coming down to Bhawa waterfall from Devkyara campsite you get a different perspective altogether than going up to Devkyara. The greenery of the opposite end of the valley leaves you speechless, the good part is it doesn’t feel like you’re repeating the trail. So retire yourself at the Bhawa waterfall for your last night of the trek with the mesmerizing view of the Bhawa campsite.
Day 6: Bhawa Waterfall (11,234 ft) to Boincha (6762 ft) - 12 km, 6 hrs Trek. Boincha to Sankri - 3 hrs drive.
This last day will be a long and continuous descend till the very starting point of this trek. So be careful on your knees because going down your whole body weight comes on your legs. The last day gives you a good chance to relive the forestry trail one last time, so repeating a trail is not bad at all. You will be going back on the same trail you walked in first two days. Packed lunch will be provided to you as you will be reaching Boincha by late afternoon and then you will be ending your journey by taking a vehicle to head back to Sankri village which is again a 3 hour drive.
Day 7: Depart from Sankri. Drive to Dehradun.
If you opt for transportation from us then we will start our drive to Dehradun before 8am. You will reach Dehradun by evening. So plan your further travel accordingly.


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