"Build Your Startup" - A Masterclass Series | Event in NA | Townscript
"Build Your Startup" - A Masterclass Series | Event in NA | Townscript

"Build Your Startup" - A Masterclass Series

Apr 17 - Jun 10 | 12:00 PM (IST)
Online Event

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90% of startups fail out of which 25% fail because either their product is not relevant to the market or they don't have a strategy to go to the market

Do you have an idea that can change millions of lives? Do you believe that your idea can make money? Are you certain of your business model? Do you think your startup will grow? Are you sure of your go-to-market strategy? Do you have a well-defined user category? Do you believe you have your finances in check?

You can reach out to shivani.t@thecircle.work | 9643871064 for any questions/help.


Founders Club in collaboration with experts and seasoned mentors is organizing an 8-week quick acceleration to early-stage startups with the help of global mentors and weekly sessions covering topics like positioning your brand to extract maximum value, unlocking the true potential of your connections, how to penetrate your defined market, Business Development, Finance and much more. Join us as we embark on this journey in making your business a reality.


Anyone who wants to create a successful company.
In this startup masterclass series, attendees will gain the entrepreneurial confidence and skills necessary to build their startup. Our Startup Masterclass is taught by instructors with significant experience and knowledge about the respective topics. Each Masterclass is focused on Growth | Practical Knowledge & Empowering budding entrepreneurs. 


  • Global mentorship
  • Series of 15 masterclass
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Privilege to be a part of selected startups
  • Access to the community of 500+ startups
  • Become a member of Founders Club
  • Free access to 2 Founders Club session
  • Lifetime access to the Circle Community


1. How to create a unique value proposition
Create a strong foundation that sets you apart from competitors and understand how your product or service fits into your consumer-driven world.

2. Supercharge your pitch!
Learn how to harness the power of storytelling to supercharge your pitch and how to generate enthusiasm for your product, company, and brand.

3. Common mistakes of entrepreneurs
A key discussion to highlight the common mistakes made by startup founders and how to avoid them.

4. Innovation from global conferences to partnerships

5. Early-stage financing 101
Finance your startup in a systematic way with a deep-dived knowledge of financing fundamentals.

6." New vs Traditional" - Digital Marketing and old school MarCom (awards & events, sales tool kit)
Technology has grown and triggered to reevaluate the need to spend over different marketing forms. Gain clarity on reaching the right marketing decisions and choose appropriate marketing strategies for your product.

7. What is your brand story and how you tell it
Build your brand and make it thoughtful, memorable, and real for the target audience. Learn the art of connecting and communicating through your brand story.

8. Marketing automation & onboarding campaigns
Learn to build your Marketing automation program, technology, tools, elements, and best practices for the sales funnel.

9. Lead generation techniques
Learn about the need for lead generation, different tactics, various effective tools and techniques, the cycle of prospects, sales and much more from the expert in the field.

10. Unlock your LinkedIn!
Fine-tune your strategy with proven tactics so you can get the results you want. An advanced session on how to use LinkedIn, effectively maximize your traffic, audience targeting, content strategies to help you grow your business exponentially.

11. How to capitalize your network
Building your network is not an easy task but has a long-term effect on your professional and business wins. Get to know the unique advantages of a powerful system, how to diagnose your network, forge better connections, figuring out the brokers of the network and many more interesting facts.

12. Going Global: How to grow your startup in the global market?
Steps to take, the mistakes to avoid, and the basics of going into the global market, targeting the growth mind business owners seeking to tap international markets.

13. "IP to IPO"
Lessons and thoughts on global opportunities for early-stage startups

14. Cross Border Innovation 101
Learn from product-market fit to business and cultural etiquette and how to master the global startup ecosystem

15. Crack the Chinese and APAC Creative and Marketing Secrets
Cracking tips and tricks from Chinese and APAC to futureproof the marketing space for early to growth-stage startups.

16. India-China Tech and Innovation ecosystem

Get it now at only INR 2499. Post-registration, we will share a detailed curriculum and mentor details with the schedule.


This is an online event.
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Founders Club is a digital-first business accelerator programme aimed at helping early-stage start-ups achieve scale through focused mentoring, shared business services, funding support, key business collaborations, and global access.
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