SoDuet | Event in NA | Townscript
SoDuet | Event in NA | Townscript


Dec 17 - 19 '21 | 11:00 AM (IST)
Online Event

Event Information

A dance either follows a trend or sets one! Put your best foot forward and mesmerize the audience with your sizzling moves and unmatched grace.

  • It is an open genre (except classical and folk) solo and duet competition.
  • Team Size: Solo or Duet
  • Registration Fee: Solo: INR 70/- |  Duet: INR 200/-
  • Styles permitted: All except Classical and Folk Dance

Structure: Solo


  • Participants will submit videos of 1 to 2 minutes duration of their dance before the main fest.
  • Recorded videos must be submitted according to Video submission rules given in the rulebook.


  • Participants shortlisted for this round will witness their videos being played in front of the virtual audience and judges during the fest.
  • Time Limit: 2 - 4 minutes including setup time.
  • This round will be conducted in the presence of live judges, and pre recorded videos of the finalists will be shown.
  • New pre-recorded videos can be sent in for the final round. Use of any sort of hazardous element/prop is strictly prohibited.
  • Note that the video should not be edited in any way.
  • Video must have been recorded for this competition and between November 10, 2021 to the last date of submission of the video. Recorded videos must have the date and time of recording.
  • For the submission of video for Solo Eliminations, the Video Submission rules on Page 2 must be adhered to.
  • The participants are requested to keep their finale videos ready, to ensure timely submission, in case of selection in the final round.

Structure: Duet

  • The competition will consist of a single round for duets.
  • Double Vaccinated participants are invited to perform at College of Engineering, Pune on the days of the fest.
  • Participants will get slots of 2 - 4 minutes to perform onstage.



This is an online event
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