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Never Give Up Backyard Ultra & Relay  | Event in Ahmedabad | Townscript

Never Give Up Backyard Ultra & Relay

Feb 29 - Mar 01 | 07:00 AM (IST)
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Individual Event :

Start time : Saturday 29th March 9:00 am

The backyard ultra is a form of ultra marathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. When each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next hour's race.

Exactly one hour after a backyard ultra's first starting time, the competitors run an additional 6706 meters with a one-hour window for completion. These distance loops are repeated hourly. The race ends when the last runner or runners either concede or fail to finish the distance within the allotted time frame.

The distance the runners race each hour is set at 100 miles / 24 hours or 6705.6 meters, which is then rounded up to 6706 meters. The total distance run by a competitor who completes 24 laps is exactly 100 miles.Backyard ultra races are held on a loop measuring 6706 meters approximately.

If no competitor manages one more lap than the others, then all athletes receive a DNF and there is no winner. 

The longest distance recorded by a competitor in a backyard ultra event is 68 laps or 283.335 miles by Johan Steene at Big's Backyard Ultra in October 2018.The longest distance recorded by a female competitor in a backyard ultra event is 67 laps by Courtney Dauwalter at Big's Backyard Ultra in October 2018.

Guillaume Calmettes has completed the most 200+ mile finishes at 3, while Peter Cromie holds the record for most 100+ mile finishes at 7 (4 at 100, 2 at 150 and 1 at 200)

In May 2019, Katie Wright became the first woman to win a backyard ultra event.

Relay Event :

Team Relay-8 Hours & 12 Hours 

Start time : Saturday 29th March 9:00 pm

Rules for relay event :

One runner will start the loop followed by the other runner in second loop.It will continue as per your Relay event.

The team covering maximum distance will be the winner of the relay event.

Disclaimer :

The following are the rules of the event and you will sign your agreement to these during the entry process.

Event in the following waiver declaration is known as “Never Give Up Backyard Ultra & Relay”. 

I agree to comply with the rules, regulations and event instructions of the Event.

 At all times competitors must obey the instructions of Race Official. Any competitor who fails to obey the instructions of Race officials will be removed from the Event and disqualified. The race director has the discretion to disqualify competitors. 

No competitor may use any banned substances with the intent to improve their

performance, eliminate the sense of fatigue or for any other purpose. Any competitor

serving a ban for banned substances in another sport is not permitted to enter.  The

Event Organizers may test any athlete for the use of a prohibited substance at its own discretion – a positive test resulting in disqualification. 

It is important that all competitors exhibit good behaviour and sportsmanlike conduct, and treat fellow competitors, Event organizers, volunteers and contractors with courtesy and respect. Failure to do so may result in disqualification at any time before, during or after the Event. 

If a competitor withdraws from the Event they must advise the finish line officials of their withdrawal as soon as possible and prior to leaving the venue. 

I acknowledge that there are risks involved with participation in this Event and fully

realize the dangers of participating in an event such as this and fully assume the risks associated with such participation and my well being during the Event. 

I understand and agree that situations may arise during the Event, which may be beyond the immediate control of officials or organizers, and I must continually participate in a manner that does not endanger either myself or others. 

I certify that I am physically fit, have sufficiently trained for participation in the Event and I have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical person. 

The Event organizers reserve the right to alter rules, regulations, Event course and

venues at any time provided athletes are advised prior to the Event, or if such a change is in the interest of competitor safety. 

The Event Organizers reserve the right to implement the contingency plan in the interests of competitor safety but will not be held liable for any loss as a result of such a decision. 

In the event such a decision is made, if the conditions are still deemed to be unsafe, the Event organizers have sole discretion, and may cancel the Event without obligation to refund entry fees. 

Neither the organizers, the sponsors nor other parties associated with the Event shall have any responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any risk incident that might arise, whether or not by negligence, from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death that might be sustained by me or any other party directly or indirectly associated with me, from my intended or actual participation in the Event or its related activities. I do therefore hereby on behalf of my heirs, executors, administrators and assignees release and forever discharge the organizers, sponsors of, landowners and any and all persons involved in the conduct of the event from any and all liability whatsoever or claims of damages or actions whatsoever (including negligence) in any manner arising out of my participation in the Event. 

I authorize my name, voice, picture and information on this entry form to be used without payment to me in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, or any other way pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993. 

I consent to organizers or suppliers filming me with an aerial drone above or next to me while taking part in the Event. 

I consent to receiving medical treatment which may be advisable in the event of illness or injuries suffered during the Event. 

I have if relevant to this Event, made my team members aware of these conditions and have authority to sign on their behalf.


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