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G.O.A.T Call with Dr. Charith Venkat | Event in undefined | Townscript

G.O.A.T Call with Dr. Charith Venkat

Jun 11 '20 | 08:30 PM (IST)
Online Event

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Join us on Zoom where we can have a conversation with Dr. Charith Venkat 

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About this Event, 

Hello Future G.O.A.Ts, 

We're stuck at home and probably you are stuck as well. So why not get together and talk about something for an hour. We'll be inviting Authors, Entrepreneurs & Leaders in to talk about their work and answer questions from you, the future G.O.A.Ts.

About the author:

Dr. Charith
is a 1986 born, bestselling author, a globetrotter and a biomedical engineer, who currently lives in Munich, Germany. A true jack-of-all-trades who religiously follows four words, “Ambition has no limits”.
Apart from being a full time employee at a Fortune 500 company, he is also an entrepreneur, an artist, a drummer, a fitness aficionado, a doctorate holder and a writer, who loves and collects classic cars and history books. 

Hailing from India, a country rich in diverse religions and varied cultures, he was always obsessed with history, mythology and religion, yet it was his penchant for science since a young age that led him to study at the New York University, in one of the largest cosmopolitan cities of the world, NYC.
After which he moved to work in Germany, where he is currently working on his Doctorate, has accomplished over four medical and two business publications and won the “Making A Difference” Award.
He constantly travels around the world with curiosity, learning foreign traditions, cultures, religions, modern technology or simply in pursuit of new experience 

About his book:

When two Genetics scientists, Chad and Friedrich reach a dead-end in their cross-species experiment at a premier Molecular Genetics Institute in Berlin, they look to the mystical East for answers. Here in the lap of a timeless civilization, they find a fellow seeker in historian Geeta.  
Together, the trio begin a thrilling odyssey of discovery, which spans continents and cultures, challenges life-long religious and scientific truths and puts their lives in grave danger.
They are horrified to learn that they are mere puppets, their fate controlled by an all-seeing sinister villain, who yearns to “cleanse” the world and create a new order.
As they connect the dots, they join forces with an Afghan professor, a British archaeologist and an American General. Finally, a mind-bending, unpredictable climax which stuns the world’s brightest minds… Even as it answers many questions, it throws up new ones.

Based on two years of research, The Evolution Cradle is an "unputdownable" book, which blurs the lines between reality and imagination,  ancient and modern, fact and faith. Breathless in its pace, the roller coaster narrative is packed with non-stop action, escapes and chases, thrills and chills, and edge-of-the-seat twists and turns.
It continues to haunt the reader long after the last page is turned. 

Ticket Price: ₹9̶9̶  ₹29 Economical. And the guest gets a cut. In Physical meeting that amount is less than the Uber to the location (Then we have our Entry Ticket, Way back etc). Now you can literally participate from anywhere in the world (Bedroom, living room, Toilet Seat*(Not Recommended). We guarantee you'll get more than ₹99 value out of it and charging admission makes it more likely that the people who sign up plan to show up. But hey we understand the current uncertain times, so no one is turned away!

Use Code: "ALLABOARD" for a free ticket (Please use the code only if you need it) Code is for people who are affected by the pandemic. Please pay if you can afford it.

How does it work? We use conferencing system Zoom. Once you sign up we'll send you a confirmation and the Zoom access code in the mail itself. You don't have to join in with the video, but we love to see some smiling faces. 

What if you didn't like it? You'll get your ₹9̶9̶ ₹29 back and the next event you attend is on us. 

Visit the website for more: https://www.goatbookclub.com/ 


This is an online event.
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