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G.O.A.T Call with Alex Wieckowski | Event in undefined | Townscript

G.O.A.T Call with Alex Wieckowski

Jun 20 '20 | 08:30 PM (IST)
Online Event

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Join us on Zoom where we can have a conversation with Alex Wieckowski 

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About this Event,  
Hello Future G.O.A.Ts,
You are just one step away from having a conversation with Alex Wieckowski

About the author:

"You've heard of The Hero's Journey, now it's time you learn about The Reader's Journey."

In 2017, I read 35 books.
In 2018, 38 books.
In 2019, 45 books.

And this year, he is on track to read 60+ books. However, Alex wasn't always a bookworm. In fact, in high school and college, he was the exact opposite. He was a jock on the varsity basketball and volleyball team, and a mediocre student (C+ student in English class).

Outside of school, he spent almost all his free time playing video games or binge-watching movies. Basically, never read books. Fast forwarding it to Today, He runs the book blog Alex & Books which receives 180K+ page views a year, have a book Instagram account with 40K+ followers and is also a content writer for Podcast Notes (#1 Podcast for summaries).

So how did he go from someone who never read books to someone who loves reading?
He went on The Reader's Journey, and now he wants to share the lessons he learned from reading 125+ books and being a serious reader for 3+ years, to help you become a lifelong reader.

His book shares practical advice on how to become a better reader, along with inspirational quotes & stories that will motivate you to read more books.

About the book:

The readers journey starts with a brilliant explanation of why one should read books and how to become a reader, and how reading sets one free from the world we live in.

The book then gradually tours you to the reasons and ways on how to make reading a habit, how to make reading fun and stay a reader forever.
His books accumulate the experience from great Entrepreneurs who are apparently also great readers ( Elon Musk, Ryan Holiday, Naval Ravikant, Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte) some of which are Idols for this generation and generations to come.

Finally, he talks about his books summaries and 24 books that he Highly Recommend to Readers. That's a lot of impressive knowledge to be able to get in 1-hour call, so what are you waiting for, tune in to talk to Alex and know more about his book.

Ticket Price: ₹9̶9̶(then) ₹29(now) Economical. And the guest gets a cut.

In Physical meeting that amount is less than the Uber to the location (Then we have our Entry Ticket, Way back etc). Now you can literally participate from anywhere in the world (Bedroom, living room, Toilet Seat*(Not Recommended). We guarantee you'll get more than ₹99 value out of it and charging admission makes it more likely that the people who sign up plan to show up.

But hey we understand the current uncertain times, so no one is turned away!

Use Code: "ALLABOARD" for a free ticket (Please use the code only if you need it) Code is for people who are affected by the pandemic. Please pay if you can afford it.

How does it work? We use conferencing system Zoom. Once you sign up we'll send you a confirmation and the Zoom access link right away. You don't have to join in with the video, but we love see some smiling faces.

*What if you didn't like it? You'll get your ₹9̶9̶ ₹29 back and the next event you attend is on us.  


This is an online event.
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