HACKxRUAS | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript
HACKxRUAS | Event in Bengaluru | Townscript


Feb 29 - Mar 01 | 05:00 PM (IST)

Event Information

Aadhya 2020 is coming up with a 24 hour hackathon for the problem solvers in you. The hackathon gives you a chance to solve some problems around you in the 24 hours and pitch the solution across the panel. What more, there is a CTF event that would run parallely to enrich your "hacky" minds during the hackathon. The food and caffeine is on us !

There are cash prizes worth 1 Lakh with a lot of goodies and software licenses to grab. The size of the team can be (Min: 2, Max: 4). Dont have a team ? Dont worry, register for the hackathon and we will find you a team on-spot!

There would be industry experts as mentors to guide you if you face any issues during the hackathon.

Ready to face the test of time? GO and Register NOW !! 

Hackathon tracks:


The agriculture sector in India is one of the major contributors to the economy. 70% of the rural household depends on agriculture as the source of income. With the development of technology, communication, transportation and science, agriculture is now facing an evolution. If India’s GDP has to grow by 9-10% for the next few years, the revolution in agriculture will be a catalyst to such fast-paced growth. Can you hack a new trend in the field of agriculture? Drones? Eliminating the middleman? New mobility approach in farming? Bring it on! Hack a solution and be the reason for this change!

Transparency in Politics

“Open government is critical to an informed public, and an informed public is critical to democracy.”

It is a truly challenging task to adopt transparency and bring reality to each and every person, especially when our population is edging 1.3 Billion people. 

Transparency adds clarity and accountability to a system, that left unchecked, is prone to corruption

Rumours, faulty information, accusations, miscommunications lead to a tangled web of fallacies. We live in the information age, and transparency in politics is something we deserve as citizens

As we head into the next decade and hope that the youth will drive the political narrative of the country, this is a very important issue which needs to be solved. 

Mobile applications? BlockChain? Artificial Intelligence? Get a solution to the table and we'll reward you well! 

Tech for the Challenged

For every step we take into the future, technology seems to take leap simplifying human tasks and advancing at the same time. The one who possesses knowledge shall survive, but the rest are left behind. This track’s sole purpose is to help living beings with the help of technology. Tech for the specially-abled? Simplifying the user interfaces for the elderly? Prosthetics for animals? Find a problem, hack a solution! 

Future Mobility

Transportation, once dependent on foot or animals only, went through a revolution after the invention of the wheel, engines and mass production of vehicles. We now live in an era where mobility is advancing in ways one can't imagine, fighting climate change, automation, rovers on Mars and other spatial bodies, and even cars that get rated 5-star safety for Indian roads. Mobility of the future needs vision, guts, and creativity to adapt to the pace of our technological advancement. With the government giving a major push towards electric mobility, it will be the preferred mode of transport in the coming decade.

Do you have what it takes to make an impact? Bring it on! 


Originality and uniqueness of work are what gives credit to its maker. Be it a movie, song, a piece of writing or art, content makers and creators make so much effort in maintaining and securing their content from online pirates and from piracy. Piracy is a huge problem in the present day. Our generation does not believe in the credibility of the artist/creator or the originality. What matters is the content. We have the flashlight pointing at a problem. Can you bring us a solid solution?

Open Track

Questions many, answers none. Restricting your mind with a few tracks is not our intention. For every “why?”, we believe there should be a “why not?” and for every solution that exists we believe there should be a question. You think there's something problematic with the current trend and you can bring up a much better solution? We welcome you. Robotics? The solution to traffic? Game theory? Image Processing for deep space exploration? Anything and everything, this track is open for you. 


RUAS Peenya Campus
Peenya, Bengaluru, India
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