Delivery and Shipping Policy

The organizer can choose, whether the tickets shall be deposited on the venue or shall be sent electronically or if the ticket buyer shall have the choice between these different shipment methods. As far as tickets shall be deposited on the venue the organizer has the right to choose, whether the tickets shall be paid on the venue and/or in advance via Townscript.

At the option of the organizer, Townscript can also offer offline ticketing i.e. Townscript will take all tickets from the Organiser, offer a set number of the tickets online as suggested by the organizer, or as deemed suitable by Townscript, and put the remaining tickets into its retail associate networks (such as any cafes, bistros etc. with which Townscript may tie up). The Event organizer shall decide upon whether it wants to avail of only online/electronic ticketing solutions provided by Townscript or whether it prefers Townscript to provide both paper version & electronic version ticketing services.